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Roasted Tomato Tarts with Balsamic Garlic

Pasta with Bread Crumbs

Kosher for Passover / Pesach Veggie Quiche in Almond Pie Crust

Crustless Potato Pie

Black Eyed Pea Curry

Savory Vegetable Millet Cakes

Avocado Egg Rolls

Baked Zucchini Fries

Zucchini & Leek Spring Quiche

Orzo with Roasted Red Peppers

Sholeh Zard ( Saffron Rice Pudding)

Asian Quinoa Lettuce Wraps

Rice with Veggies

Vegetable Medley

Vegetable Fried Rice

Oven Baked Yucca Fries

Squash in Tomato Sauce

Maple Glazed Brussel Sprouts

Vegetable Olive Dip Matzo

Potato and Spinach Burekas

Orzo With 3 Color Peppers

Arancini di Riso (Fried Rice Balls filled with Cheese)

Sesame Noodles

Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Turmeric Cauliflower Rice with Roasted Cauliflower

The Go-To String Beans Around Here

Shallot Garlic Cauliflower Rice

Roasted Mushroom Rice Pilaf

Zucchini Pancakes

Heavenly Carrots

Garden Herb Potato Hash

Eggplant Fries With Tahini Dressing

Zucchini Latkes

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Almond Infused Olive Oil and Chile Pasta with Kalamata Olives

Seared Cauliflower Steaks with White Wine & Lemon Reduction Made

Whole Grain Mustard and Maple Charred Onion


Avocado Mango Tartare

Kishka Stuffed Capons

Smoky Bean and Veggie Chili

Potato Latkas

Falafel Patties

Cute Mini Quiches Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes and Robert Rothschild RED PEPPER & ONION SAUCE

Beet and Sweet Potato Tart

Portobello Mushroom & Potato Borekas

Vegetable Tempura (Passover / Pesach)

Garlic Brussel Sprouts on Grill

Rosemary and Garlic Roasted Mixed Potatoes

Butternut Squash, Baby Kale and Black Beans

Garlic Home Fries

Homemade Spicy Fries

Garlic Stuffing

Lachmagine Passover / Pesach Dough

Cauliflower Latkes!

Roasted Root Vegetables with Tahini & Chimichurri Sauce

Fig and Raisins Quinoa Couscous

Vegan Mango & Avocado Tartare

Doughless Potato Knishes


Passover / Pesach Cauliflower & Asparagus Tart

Stuffing Latkes

Maakouda with Saffron (Morroc Potato Galette)

Zucchini Pasta A La Marinara

Orange, Soy & Rosemary Tofu

Gorgeous Roasted Baby Eggplant

Roasted Chickpeas

Oven Baked Onion Rings

Delicious Vegetables Baked

Baked Zucchini Fritters

Rice Noodles With Fried Eggs

Baked Cajun Fries

Kishka with Gravy

Popcorn Cauliflower

Potato Tahdig

Hassleback Baked Potatoes with Truffle Chive Aioli

Asian Stir Fry

Baked Blooming Onions

Peanut Butter Noodles

Broccoli Pie

Rosemary Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Vegan Dinner Alert

Avocado Toast on Pita with Harissa

Roasted Spiralized Sweet Potato

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Mushrooms Risotto

No Oil Crispy Baked Cauliflower Poppers

Scalloped Potatoes

Sweet Breads

Homemade Falafel Balls over Hummus


Dal Stew (Indian Cook)

Cauliflower Tortillas!

Stuffed Peppers with Rice and Mushrooms

Potato Pastels

Crispy Corn Fritters